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Improve staff performance with our corporate training

Could your staff benefit from leadership training? Do you want to help your team manage their stress effectively and improve your staff retention rates? Kippure Corporate offers a range of specialist training workshops aimed at all levels of your organisation. Tailored to your specific needs, complete with personalised debriefs from our expert facilitators to ensure long lasting results, we’ll help your staff realise their full potential.

  • Understanding and appreciating human diversity (i.e. cultural, gender, social diversity).
  • Graduate Development and Employee Assessment.
  • Facilitating organisational change (Managing Change).
  • Integrating current business issues, company values or company culture.

I just wanted to say thanks for the great programme you ran for our client over the last couple of days. They were absolutely thrilled. I’ll share any extra feedback when the written stuff comes through.

Your team were amazing. Damian and Dane, as usual, were brilliant. And a special note of thanks to Rob and Colin who were just amazing. I hadn’t met them before and nothing was too much trouble and they really connected with the group. They were professional and fun and very safety conscious.

Thanks for taking on the change in night time exercise – it worked very well and we’d like to keep it in the programme for the next session in September.

Meanwhile I hope you have a great summer!! Best wishes

Lynda Byron
Lynda Byron

Leadership Journeys

Team Building Exercises
The action learning activities we utilise offer a team fun and engaging ways to learn and practice the skills of teamwork. The format we use is highly-participatory and interactive. Participants in our team building programmes find the experience enjoyable as well as educational. The Kippure Estate Team focuses on creating an inclusive atmosphere where all members of a group, regardless of ability, feel comfortable participating in our programmes.

Team Building Facilitation
Team exercises are fun and memorable – but meaningful learning will only take place when combined with effective facilitation which guides participants towards seeing, recognising and understanding the patterns of team dynamics and processes that affect their teamwork.

A team building facilitator can greatly improve the effectiveness of your corporate team building event. After each task there is a structured review session (the length and depth of these reviews is determined during the design of the programme with you) during which the group is encouraged to examine their actions, behaviours and the process by which they tackled the task.

  • Team building activities are accompanied by debriefs, brain storming sessions and group work so that participants recognise learnings and apply them back to the workplace.
  • The advantage of this process over traditional methods of learning is that the teams and the facilitators can quickly see whether there was success or failure and what behaviors contributed to the overall team result.
  • From senior management teams to sports teams The Kippure Estate Team has the experience and knowledge to develop and deliver a suitable programme for each specific group’s needs.

Our experienced lead facilitator will work with you prior to the team building event to ensure the training objectives are met. Choosing the right set of team building tasks and the appropriate level of reflection and discussion will ensure that the experiential learning programme is designed to be great fun and relevant to your team’s specific training needs.

The Kippure Estate approach to building teams is multi-dimensional. Some workshops and team building programmes are simply aimed at teams bonding or understanding the nature of common team building objectives such as communication skills, trust, creativity or problem solving. For others an appropriate team building programme may address diversity issues (i.e. cultural, gender, social), leadership training or team inductions through more in-depth analysis and application to the work environment.

At either end of the spectrum of team building programme design, our experiential learning workshops can add tremendous value to the effect of team building processes. And a process it is! Unfortunately, there is no magical answer; no secret that once revealed will instantly transform the team. We realise that team building is not instantaneous; it is a process and a journey of self-discovery.

Happy Journey!

Please contact the Corporate Sales Team at 01-458 2889 for a detailed corporate team building event proposal and information about team building facilitation.

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