Training Facilitator - Sean M. Kelly

Profile: Training Facilitator – Sean M Kelly B.Sc. Mast NLP

Training Facilitator Sean M. Kelly

Master Facilitator, Professional & People Development Trainer/Coach

Sean Kelly Training FacilitatorSean is an International Professional and People Development Trainer/ Coach with over twenty years experience in the training industry. He has developed and delivered training to many successful businesses and organisations in countries including Ireland, UK, USA, Luxembourg, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Israel and South Korea. Sean focuses on providing interactive, experiential and empowering training and coaching which has an immediate positive impact in the workplace.

Some of the areas that Sean has delivered training in include:

  • Your Mind and Mental Fitness – once you know how to use more of your minds potential you can improve your performance at anything, guaranteed!
  • How to Build High Performing Teams – what are the characteristics of high performing teams, how can you implement these characteristics into a team and help it continuously improve its performance
  • Management and Leadership skills – purpose, vision, goals, action plans, motivation, delegation, planning, doing, reviewing
    Communicate with Impact and Confidence – presentation skills, interviewing skills, listening skills, persuasion and influencing and other relevant areas
  • Creativity & Innovation – creative problem solving and innovation
  • Positive Stress management, relaxation, mindfulness and meditation
  • Conflict Resolution – how to turn conflict into a stepping stone for greater success
  • The Brain and Leadership – how knowing more about how the brain works and the effect of emotions, positive and negative helps managers and leaders be more effective at managing and more inspirational as leaders
    Accelerated Learning with Mind Mapping and Speed Reading (especially managing “information overload”)
  • Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
    Negotiation skills – strategies and techniques to improve it
    Mentoring Skills – the why, the what and the how to being a successful mentor

Sean has an honours degree in Physics and Mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin. He also has qualifications in business, management development, a Master Practitioner in NLP, psychotherapy and public speaking. In 1997 Sean achieved 8th place in the Tony Buzan World Memory Championships, he came 51st in 2012, his first competition in fourteen years.

Some of the clients which Sean has delivered training for include:


Here’s what some of the clients had to say about Sean’s training:

Elisa Jensen Labiano, PWC Luxembourg – In this world where technology is upgraded daily, and internet communication is requiring adults to perform at a speed and exposure never required before, the body and brain are pushed to super-human levels. Sean Kelly, through his courses, gives us practical ways of being in control, while staying happy with our work life balance – by upgrading our brain!

Jeff Jones, Learning & Development & HR, RBC Investor Services, Canada – I really like how engaged Sean is not only from the initial contact -but the follow-up asking for Maria to remind those who had made commitments or goals to ensure they follow through! That is true engagement!

Maria Fitzgerald, HR, RBC, Dublin – In terms of the feedback for the courses Sean delivered, it has been very positive. I have attended one courses and Nicola has attended two. We both feel he is very good. In a short space of time, he manages to focus on some key themes and really engage the audience!

Padraig Mac Donnchadha – Business Intelligence Developer at Bank of Ireland – I attended Sean’s “Communicate with Confidence” course 14 years ago and the lessons I learned on those 2 days have stayed with me ever since and have proved helpful countless times.

Michael Mc Morrow, Manager, AIB – Expectation covered – Absolutely! Covered a lot of very useful techniques and insights.

Paul Power, Plant Manager, IVAR Pharma Ireland – Were your expectations met – more than – looking forward to next sessions!

Kira Keffer – Business Event Specialist at Clearstream, Luxembourg – I attended the “Accelerated Learning with Mind Mapping and Speed Reading” course with Sean: I can only recommend it since I benefit from it every day. Sean is a very professional and enthusiastic coach. It was an inspiring experience.

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