10 Signs that You're an Amazing Boss Everyone Loves

10 Signs that You’re an Amazing Boss Everyone Loves

Great Boss

The characteristics that make a good boss great and how you can develop them to boost morale, improve teamwork and see better performance all round

There’s a lot of talk about what makes a good boss. The problem is that most of what you read about good management is very generic and not really actionable. It tends to focus more on what employees would like than what a manager needs. Your employees may well think you’re wonderful if you don’t care when they’re late, but let that tardiness become a habit and it’ll affect your bottom line.

Instead, here’s a list of ten things that really do make a good boss great. Do you recognise yourself in this list?

  1. You can keep your head when all around are losing theirs

Business can be very stressful at times. A good leader understands that their employees can need support to get them through serious situations. That’s why, during the Cuban missile crisis, American President John F. Kennedy would make everyone at a meeting tell a joke at the start or during a break just to help reduce stress.

  1. You give employees a heads up before they make a mistake

Some employees can be difficult characters to work with, even though they’re amazing at doing their job. It can be difficult to tell people when they need to change how they deal with people, but a quiet word in private works wonders to give someone a shift in attitude.

  1. You don’t let your ego take charge

We’ve all had bosses who think they’re better than everyone else. They claim to have an open door policy, but discourage people from walking through it with their smug sense of superiority. A good boss understands that they’re just human, like everyone else, and works to build a personal connection with every employee.

  1. You know when to leave work in the office

Although you can bond with your team by taking them out for lunch or going for a drink after work, everyone appreciates when their boss goes out of their way to say thank you. When you relax and be yourself, it’s much easier for people to see the real you and be inspired to do their best work for you and what better way to do this than on a team building experience? Kippure can help you organise the perfect way to treat your staff. Visit https://teambuildingireland.com/ for more details.  

  1. You support your employees’ opinion

You should have built your team out of people you trust and believe in. When you’ve hired someone for their expertise, don’t undermine them by making them do things your way. Give them your full support and trust them with new responsibilities so they can develop their career. It’ll pay dividends before too long.

  1. You bring out the best in your people

What’s a great way to bring out the best in someone? Understand their weaknesses and work with them to compensate for them. Maybe you have someone who is a great ideas person but they’re useless with deadlines. You can support them by tracking their tasks and making sure they stay on target.

  1. You’re not afraid to give a compliment

For some reason, many bosses don’t like telling their employees that they’ve done a great job or that their skills are appreciated. We all need someone to tell us when we get things right. Take time out to let your employees know just how much you value every single one of them.

  1. You let others learn from your experience

If an employee comes to you for advice about their career, let them know what’s worked for you. If you can provide concrete examples from your own experiences, not only will it be easier for your staff to follow your lead, it’ll make you appear more approachable, contributing to team bonding.

  1. Make good choices

It’s not enough to tell people what you expect them to do. You need to show them how to do it. If you expect your employees to do the right thing, then so should you and that includes owning up to your mistakes when you make them so you can put things right.

  1. Lead by example

It’s hard to get people to follow your orders if you have double standards. If your employees are expected to stay late every night but you go home early, it’ll soon breed resentment and undermine your authority. If something needs to be done, get on and do it and don’t ask your employees to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself.



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