10 signs you're a nightmare boss no-one can work for

10 signs you’re a nightmare boss no-one can work for

Bad Boss

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re a bad manager, here’s our top ten list of warning signs and what you can do about it if you recognise yourself

We all have stories of bosses who were difficult to work with or even made our lives miserable until we left. While nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes, including your boss, there are some behaviour traits that nobody should have to work with.

Take a look at these ten signs of bad management and see if you need a shift in attitude.

  1. You give out orders like you’re a dictator

Just because you have people who work for you doesn’t mean that they have to jump to your every command. The workplace shouldn’t resemble the army! If you think that being a boss means issuing orders left, right and centre, you’ll chase away all your good employees – and quite rightly so.

  1. You lose your customer focus

Your business exists solely because of your customers, yet some bosses forget that and think that they’re doing their customers a favour just by existing. Leave your ego at the door and focus on making your customers happy.

  1. You believe you’re better than everyone else

There’s a short answer to this: you’re not. Just because you’ve managed to scale the lofty heights of management doesn’t mean that you’re superior to everyone else. Your employees still have vital skills you lack – that’s why you’re a team. Treat the people around you with respect if you want to be respected.

  1. You think you’re a special snowflake

This one is related to the previous point. Sometimes, leaders fall into the trap of believing that they achieved their career goals because they’re special or unique. The reality is that you worked hard and demonstrated your value to your company – but you’re not irreplaceable. Nobody is. If you fall victim to your own hype, you may find yourself out in the cold before too long.

  1. You admonish employees in public

It’s hard enough to be on the receiving end of verbal abuse, but when this happens in public, it’s truly demoralising – for the witnesses as much as the employee in question. Sure, let someone know when they’ve made a mistake, but do it discretely and in a manner that encourages your employee to get things right in the future. It’ll have them desperate to get things right next time instead of desperate to find a different job.

  1. You ignore your emotions

We’ve all heard the stories about how leading executives are all psychopaths and there’s an element of truth to them. However, this is more down to managers attempting to forget that they’re human by blocking off their emotions. If your employees think you don’t have a sense of humour or lack humility, the chances are high that you’ve become disconnected from your emotions and are far less approachable as a result. It’s okay to let yourself have feelings.

  1. Your inner circle is made up of nothing but yes men

It’s wonderful to hear how amazing you are all the time, but everyone needs a reality check now and then. If you aren’t interested in hearing opposing views or ideas, you could well miss out on some genius innovations that could really help your business succeed.

  1. You like to intimidate people

If you think that it’s better to use a stick than a carrot to motivate people, think again. Threats rarely achieve anything in the long term and if you think you have to bully people into doing what you want, you’ve already lost. Communicate your needs to your staff and then let them deliver the results – without threats.

  1. You throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way

Don’t take your bad mood out on your staff. Maybe there was a delay on the train to work that morning or you had an argument with your partner last night. Whatever your problem, don’t make them your employee’s as well. Tantrums are never acceptable in the workplace.

  1. You never reward your staff

It’s easy to think that, since you pay your staff’s wages, they should be grateful for it, but motivating your team goes much deeper than giving them a pay packet every month. Staff bonding events, team building training, company events, etc. all have a valuable role to play in incentivising your team to go that extra mile. Don’t hang on to every penny. Thank your staff for a job well done with a corporate event just for them!




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