Adventure Team Building Activities: Just How Effective Are They?

Adventure Team Building Activities: Just How Effective Are They?

Adventure team building activities occasionally divide opinions in the workplace.

Whilst many people rate their effectiveness when it comes to improving morale and encouraging collaboration, there are others who worry about the time spent away from the office, and as a consequence, ask themselves if it’s really worth the effort.

Adventure Team Building: The Perks

Of course, it’s difficult to prove the success of adventure activities when it comes to team building. There’s no way of testing the results, and the only real way of judging is to observe behavior in the office afterwards.

However, according to many companies, there’s a lot to be said for team building activities that require some level of adventure and challenge. The main skills that tend to be developed are:

  • Improved self-esteem. This is particularly notable in team members who traditionally prefer to keep quiet in the everyday office environment.
  • Boost to morale. One of the most obvious effects is the elevated levels of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Collaboration. It’s also fairly common to notice improved collaboration and cohesion amongst staff after a team building event.
  • Improved ability to ‘problem solve’. Some companies have even reported improvement in attitudes to problem solving and troubleshooting in the office.

The Negatives?

Of course, booking an adventure team building event for your team involves taking time off work, and this is very much the main disadvantage. However, if the after-effects of team-building improve productivity and attitudes in the office, the advantages are likely to outweigh the negative of a day or two of absence.

The best way to assess whether or not team building is beneficial to your staff is to give it a go, and to make a real effort to observe the effect it has on your employees.

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