Amazing Family Fun Day Events at Kippure Estate

Amazing Family Fun Day Events at Kippure Estate

Are you ready to book your family fun day event? If so, you’ll know it takes a lot of hard work! However, don’t panic, Kippure Estate are here to help…

Family fun days are one of the best ways to say thank you to your staff. After all, they’ve worked hard for your business, and have really put in the effort to ensure your company gets ahead – so it’s high time they get the chance to relax and enjoy some social time with family and fellow colleagues!

However, as anyone who has planned a family-based corporate event knows – it’s a lot of hard work, particularly if you’re trying to plan it all yourself. Kippure Estate are one of Ireland’s leading family day providers, and can create fantastic events either on site, or at a suitable venue of your choice.

What’s On Offer?

Ultimately, Kippure’s family fun events are tailored to your individual requirements. When planning the event, we’ll discuss the following:

  • How many people are coming
  • What the age range is
  • What sort of activities your staff and their families will enjoy
  • How to make the day unforgettable

If you choose to hold the event at Kippure, then you’ll be able to make the most of the spectacular surroundings. We’re based in the Wicklow Mountains National Park (only 45 minutes from Dublin), and as a result, we’ve got some spectacular nature walks and rambles for your staff to enjoy.

We’re also known as one of the best outdoor activities providers in the country, which means we’ve got plenty of fun activities on offer – such as our high-ropes course, archery and climbing / abseiling. However, we’ve also got the kids covered too, with a bouncy castle, face painting, a themed treasure hunt and a fun pentathlon.

Venue of Your Choice

You might be a bit further away from Dublin, and want a venue that’s a bit closer to the office. This isn’t a problem at all for the Kippure team – we’re used to travelling across the country! However, when choosing your venue, we recommend that you consider the following:

  • Is there enough outdoor space? Family fun events require a considerable amount of space, especially if you’re inviting hundreds of people.
  • Is it safe? You might have found what you believe to be the ideal venue – but if it’s unsafe in any way, then this contravenes health and safety laws. Remember, there will be children at this event, so any dangerous cliffs, deep lakes or busy roads in the vicinity probably won’t be welcomed by the parents!
  • Does it create the right atmosphere? Family fun days should be all about having a great time and relaxing with loved ones and friends. As a result, the venue needs to be attractive and welcoming, with plenty of areas for people to sit down, eat food, chat, and be entertained.

If you need help finding a suitable venue, Kippure have a list of great establishments that we’ll be happy to share with you.

Booking Early

As we head into deep mid-winter, it might feel a little early to start planning next years’ family day. However, these types of events take time to plan properly, so it is advisable to begin early. If you’d like to find out more about our family fun events, simply get in touch with our team today on 01 458 2889.



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