Your Annual Sales Kick-Off Meeting: Things to Avoid When Trying to Inspire & Motivate Your Sales Force

Your Annual Sales Kick-Off Meeting: Things to Avoid When Trying to Inspire & Motivate Your Sales Force

Your annual sales kick-off meeting in January is a golden opportunity to get things moving in the right direction for the year ahead.

It’s a wonderful chance for you and the team to meet, discuss plans and devise a solid strategy for increasing sales and driving profits through the roof.

As a result, you want to make absolutely certain that you optimise on the event and achieve your goals. Without proper preparation and planning, it’s all too easy for your sales kick-off meeting to miss the mark; which only serves to make you and your team feel as though you have started the year on the wrong foot.

To ensure that you’re maximising results at your meeting, here are a few key things to avoid when holding your next sales kick-off.

Top Things to Avoid When Holding a Sales Kick-Off Meeting

1.    Making it too serious. Obviously, your goal is an important one, and a certain amount of seriousness is required. However, don’t ever forget the power of humour. It’s not necessary to create a meeting that is a ‘laugh a minute’ event, but it is important to have light-hearted interludes, to allow your team to let off a certain amount of steam before regrouping and focusing once more. 

2.    Making the material too dry. If you suspect that your presentation is too dry (and, dare we say it, boring) for the meeting, then the likelihood is that it is. Keep your content as varied as possible, make sure that you have some activities that your team can engage in, and keep passive listening to a minimum.

3.    Making it too long. Can you remember a meeting where you felt as if you were going to fall asleep, as it seemed to go on forever? Now ask yourself, how much of that meeting can you recollect? Statistically, people tend to remember under ten minutes of content per hour of presentation, which is a strong indication that it is better to keep the sections of your meeting as short and to the point as possible.

4.    Making the experience too passive. If your meeting relies too heavily on passive listening, rather than active participation, then you run a significant risk of disenfranchising your team. Instead of expecting them to listen without comment for large periods of time, allow them to contribute to the meeting, encouraging them to express their ideas and opinions.

5.    Making it too ‘goal orientated’. Having a goal is vital, and it’s highly likely that the goal is to motivate your employees to increase sales and in turn, increase profits. However, don’t forget that it’s also important to foster collaboration and cohesion amongst your team. Team building exercises can be really helpful in encouraging a strong team ethic.

Looking for the Perfect Space to Hold a Sales Kick-Off Meeting?

Kippure Estate have a variety of custom-designed meeting rooms, suitable for up to 100 people. They provide the perfect environment to encourage productivity and motivation, and your team can also enjoy our wide range of team building exercises, also on site!


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