The Benefits of Having A Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

The Benefits of Having A Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Why Your Business Needs To Get Involved In Its Community

Modern consumers aren’t satisfied with simply buying a product or service. These days, they like to know that the companies they choose to deal with aren’t just providing them with quality goods; they like to be reassured that they’re giving their money to an ethical business, one that makes a social contribution with a Corporate Social Responsibility programme (CSR).

Traditionally, many companies have interpreted this as little more than a PR exercise in saying what people want to hear, leading some to become cynical about just how socially responsible a business can be. Yet when you participate in a well thought out CSR programme, one that genuinely makes a difference, the positive effects are wide reaching.

Just some of the benefits of CSR are:

  • It enhances your public image. In 2017, Core Communications carried out a study which discovered that an incredible 87% of consumers said that they would purchase a product from a particular company because they supported a cause that they cared about. In comparison, 76% also stated that they wouldn’t support a company if it worked with a cause that ran counter to their personal opinions. So if you choose the right project to support, it really can help your bottom line.
  • It improves employee engagement. How to motivate your staff is a perennial issue. Letting your staff get hands on with a cause they can be passionate about has a direct correlation with how engaged they are in their day-to-day duties.
  • It contributes towards developing a positive workplace environment. When your business is involved in CSR, staff feel like they’re making a difference beyond their specific corporate duties. This helps to give meaning to what they do as well as develop closer bonds within your team.
  • It encourages creativity. A CSR programme allows for creative problem solving and allows staff to really showcase their talents and abilities.
  • It helps with personal and professional growth. The skills that CSR programmes require are transferable to the workplace, helping to improve productivity and inspiring your team to even greater heights.
  • It attracts quality staff. Many potential employees look to see what a company’s CSR strategy is all about before deciding to work for a particular business. Your involvement in CSR programmes will help you attract talented, professional staff.

Kippure Corporate has put together a number of charitable programmes that allow businesses to genuinely make a difference in their local community. In addition, they’re designed to provide you with quality team bonding activities aimed at improving morale and team effectiveness, so the impact of participation will be seen long after the event is over.

For example you could get involved with our Bike Project. You’ll spend your day restoring old bikes that would otherwise rot away. Under the watchful eye of our bicycle experts, you’ll get the bikes into good condition, when they can then be given to a charity of your choosing. Your bikes could help someone get out and about if they’re geographically isolated or they might let children enjoy fresh air and exercise who couldn’t otherwise afford a bike. It is entirely up to you to decide where the bikes’ new home should be, but wherever they go, you’ll know that they’re going to a good cause.

Get in touch today for more information about our range of CSR programmes and see for yourself the difference they make to your community and your business!


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