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Experience 70s Fever

Slicked back hair, a white polyester jacket and flared trousers to match; black shirt with pointed collar, unbuttoned at the top; arm held straight up in the air and legs strut as the multi-coloured lights reflect off the dance floor… Does this image conger up memories of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? Or perhaps your days on the disco dance floor? Or maybe it’s something you’d like to experience for the first time?
Guess what? You can party like it’s the 70s right here at KippureEstate. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding reception, reunion […]

Christmas at Kippure Estate!

What did you do for your company or club’s Christmas party last year?

Mingle around a table of hors d’oeuvres, play Secret Santa, sit in the same pub you go to every Friday night… pull a workmate away from the photocopier before he did something he really regretted?

It’s time for something different! While the song goes “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” Christmas time can be stressful. Having a function away from the regular humdrum where everyone can just sit back and relax over a delicious meal, and keep the party […]

Your Favourite Excuses for Avoiding Team Building Events

Are you a manager, supervisor or HR rep that’s trying to improve morale, trust or productivity within your workplace, but the thought of teambuilding events make you shudder? You are not alone.

Organized team building activities continuously get a bad rap, and in some cases these negative views are well warranted. But unfortunately it is just a small proportion of these types of experiences that give the whole trade a bad name. In reality, there are actually team building providers that know what they’re doing and continuously upgrade their programmes so that companies benefit and actually […]

Solving the Pain of Leadership Challenges

What are some of the biggest problems managers and team builders face?

You may be a natural leader and have an excellent track record of building successful teams. But we don’t live in a utopian world, and even if you are the best facilitator, supervisor or manager, you’re still bound to run into problems from time to time.

What are some of the biggest problems that leaders in the workplace and other environments face? As a new or experienced leader, you can probably think of some that you’ve already encountered. Let’s look […]

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