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Family Fun Day: Corporate team building with a difference!

Corporate Family Fun Day

A Corporate Family Fun Day is the perfect way to break down the barriers of the workplace and spend quality time with both colleagues and family.

Any CEO will tell you that in order for a company to run smoothly there needs to be a collaborative work environment between colleagues that allows them to support each other and reach the company’s goals. In the digital world of today, this natural collaboration is happening less and less. There are people in the same workplace that only ever communicate via email, and barely even talk on the phone. As […]

10 Signs that You’re an Amazing Boss Everyone Loves

Great Boss

The characteristics that make a good boss great and how you can develop them to boost morale, improve teamwork and see better performance all round

There’s a lot of talk about what makes a good boss. The problem is that most of what you read about good management is very generic and not really actionable. It tends to focus more on what employees would like than what a manager needs. Your employees may well think you’re wonderful if you don’t care when they’re late, but let that tardiness become a habit and it’ll […]

10 signs you’re a nightmare boss no-one can work for

Bad Boss

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re a bad manager, here’s our top ten list of warning signs and what you can do about it if you recognise yourself

We all have stories of bosses who were difficult to work with or even made our lives miserable until we left. While nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes, including your boss, there are some behaviour traits that nobody should have to work with.

Take a look at these ten signs of bad management and see if you need a shift in attitude.

You give out […]

How to Really Inspire Your Team

Three Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Team Building Experience

Strong teams are one of the most important factors when it comes to meeting your business goals. Your staff need to be working together, aiming towards the same outcome if you’re going to have any chance of reaching your targets.

This is why team building exercises are so popular with successful businesses. Showing teams that it’s possible to pull together towards a common goal is an effective way to teach them the skills they need to do the same in the office.

The problem […]

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