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What every modern manager needs to know about Mindful Leadership

Bring the power of mindfulness into your workplace with our 1-Day Mindful Leadership workshop

 Mindfulness appears to be the latest buzzword, with everything from colouring to meditation touted as being the best way to bring about an enhanced state of self-awareness and improved emotional intelligence. So what does a seemingly New Age concept have to do with business and why do companies like Google, IBM and General Motors incorporate some form of mindfulness programme into the workplace?

 What is mindful leadership?

In the fast paced world in which we live […]

Amazing Family Fun Day Events at Kippure Estate

Are you ready to book your family fun day event? If so, you’ll know it takes a lot of hard work! However, don’t panic, Kippure Estate are here to help…

Family fun days are one of the best ways to say thank you to your staff. After all, they’ve worked hard for your business, and have really put in the effort to ensure your company gets ahead – so it’s high time they get the chance to relax and enjoy some social time with family and fellow colleagues!

However, as anyone who has planned a […]

Family Fun Days – Are They Great For Your Business?

A family fun day is a great way to boost staff morale and blend family life with work – not to mention the ideal way to say thank you to your employees!

Family fun days are becoming an increasingly popular form of corporate event – blending fun, family and work in one well-planned occasion. However, surprisingly few businesses take the opportunity to hold a fun day, and there are even a few companies out there who aren’t entirely sure what they are or what benefit they offer.

What is a Family Fun Day?

The clue is […]

Why You Need More Emotional Intelligence In Your Team

Emotional intelligence helps staff interact better, creating more effective teams. Here’s how to boost emotional intelligence in your business.

When hiring people to join your company, it’s likely you’ll focus on intelligence – how qualified they are, how naturally bright they seem, and how quickly they can grasp concepts and business practices.

Of course, these are all important skills to have – but emotional intelligence is equally as vital if you want to build a more productive, happier team.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

A person who is emotionally intelligent is able to recognise the feelings […]

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