Why your business needs experiential learning

Why your business needs experiential learning

Team Building Experiential Learning

Get better results from your staff training by using experiential learning

It isn’t enough just to learn the theory behind new ideas and skills. You need to put them into practice to see how they work before you can utilise them in the real world. That’s why “learning by doing” is becoming increasingly popular. Combined with expert facilitation and debriefs it boosts morale, motivation and productivity, improves communication and supports employees to get to know each other better and understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

It is important that you use facilitators experienced in this style of learning. They will make sure that all participants are given the opportunity to increase their self-awareness and understand their personal strengths and weakness, improving communication and taking on board constructive criticism in a practical, hands-on environment. Since experiential learning is such a personal experience, you need facilitators with the skills to deal with a wide range of personality types and attitudes.

There’s no limit to how you can use experiential learning. Workshops can cover a broad range of topics, including team, leadership and graduate development as well as a number of business theories. This highly personalised approach can be adapted to specific requirements and can also include a number of different learning objectives, such as:

  • Problem solving
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Self- and team-awareness
  • Leadership
  • Personal Confidence Building
  • Personal Growth
  • Coaching Skills

Everyone is unique and individual and will react to new situations in completely different ways. Traditional team building often included an element of peer pressure that made people feel as though they had to participate in activities they really didn’t want to do, which meant that not everyone got any real benefit from those types of exercise.

In contrast, experiential learning is driven by a strict policy of ‘challenge by choice’ where each participant can choose the degree to which they want to participate. No one is forced to go outside their personal boundaries. Regardless of how they get there, everyone will have explored the various processes in the workshop and everyone has ‘won’ as a consequence.

The best way to appreciate the impact of experiential learning is to experience it for yourself. Kippure Corporate delivers experiential learning workshops at Kippure Estate in County Wicklow, but most of our workshops can also be delivered at a suitable location convenient to you.

If you’d like further information about experiential learning and development training provided by Kippure Corporate or want to book a workshop, contact us today.


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