How can you turn a good team into an amazing team?

How can you turn a good team into an amazing team?

How Can You Turn a Good Team into an Amazing Team?

It’s a question that business owners often find themselves asking – how can you get the best from your team? Here’s some tips to give you inspiration.

The importance of building an excellent team is well-known in business. Together, a dynamic team will work proactively to achieve great things; pooling their combined skills and working cooperatively for the greater good of your company.

But the big question is – what exactly is an ‘excellent team’? And, more importantly, how can you create a great team for your business? Here’s a few thought-provoking ideas to get you started.

Creating a Number One Team for Your Business

  1. Invest in talent. Ultimately, talented individuals will drive your business forward. When recruiting, always be on the look-out for creative, ambitious high-flyers – and think about what you can offer to attract them to your business. It’s not necessarily just about the pay packet – most employees also value good career prospects, an exciting working environment, and opportunities to develop in their role.


  1. Spend less time talking, more time listening. When leading meetings, it’s tempting to take charge and dominate proceedings. However, allowing all team members opportunity to speak not only raises their self-esteem, but means more fresh ideas come to the table. In order to be great, your team needs to be given the opportunity to express their creative concepts – and know that they’re being heard.


  1. Welcome diversity. Is your team made up of middle-aged white men? It’s likely they’ll have something excellent to contribute, but having a more diverse team can add significant value to your business. Embrace people of all genders, nationalities and ages – as each brings their own unique skill-set to your business. Apple recently stated they were making it a priority to hire more women, more black people and more people from a Hispanic background.


  1. Keep your goals in mind. Always give your team something tangible to strive towards – and consider ways in which you can actively measure results. This helps to keep your team focused on the task at hand. If possible, establish individual goals for each team member, to ensure they take on an active role in the process.


  1. Build team relationships. Encourage your team to spend time together outside the work environment. This might be as simple as bringing in cakes to share for coffee break once a week, or you may prefer arranging an evening out, to give your staff the chance to get to know one another. Even better, arrange a team building weekend – which allows them to spend quality time together, whilst working on key business skills.


Team Building in Ireland

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