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What we Learnt from Euro 2012: Teamwork Matters

Ireland Cricket Team
After Ireland’s disappointing exit from Euros, the infamous “Angela Merkel Thinks We’re At Work” flag has been sold off for just under €16,000 at an auction. Gerry Nolan and his friends (the flag’s creators) have generously donated the proceeds to children’s health charities. It raises a warm smile that something good has come out of the hat-trick of defeats our national team suffered in Poland and Ukraine. Gerry Nolan has the entire tournament booked off work, and like him, all Irish football fans are undoubtedly wishing that […]

NEW!! Paintballing at Kippure Estate

Getting familiar with the breathtaking scenery of Kippure Estate isn’t all about nature walks and tranquil days exploring the Wicklow Mountains. Along with our other adventurous activities, you can also unleash your inner warriorat one of our action-packed paintballing days.

Whether you’re sneaking up on the enemy base with the flag in your sights or dashing all-guns-blazing into the heat of battle, you’ll always have an unforgettable experience.

Paintballing is rapidly gaining popularity, and is now played by people from over 80 countries. There are no boundaries; men or women, teens or […]

What is Outdoor Experiential Learning?

Outdoor Learning at Kippure Estate

A traditional classroom scenario might stir images of a teacher or professor standing in front of a group of students, lecturing about a particular topic or demonstrating a procedure on the board. It is not until the students have the opportunity to put this theory into practice that they are able to more deeply understand or retain the newly acquired information.

Experiential learning takes on an even deeper form of education. Simply put, experiential learning is learning through doing or hands-on activities. According to UNESCO (in “Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable […]

Kippure Estate – A Geocaching Destination

Happy Geocaching!

Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon. One might say it crosses geographic and cultural barriers as participants armed with GPS devices can seek out hidden treasures in over 100 countries on all of the world’s continents.

Hidden amongst Kippure Estate is one of the world’s 1.7 million+ geocaches. What is a geocache, you may be asking. It’s often a waterproof container that contains a number of keepsakes and often a records log. Custom dictates that a geocacher takes a memento from the treasure box, but replaces it with something as valuable […]

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