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How to build better teams by having fun together

Why a fun workplace environment leads to enhanced productivity and increased staff retention

How would you describe your workplace? Dull? Uninspiring? Or fun?

For many of us, fun is the last thing we think about when we consider our job. After all, business is serious business. Yet when we bring a sense of fun to our work, not only does it become more enjoyable, we reap other benefits as well. When we work with people we enjoy spending time with, we also get:

– Improved motivation
– A stronger sense of ethics and appropriate behaviour
– Better communication
– Positive leadership
– A […]

Family Fun Day: Corporate team building with a difference!

Corporate Family Fun Day

A Corporate Family Fun Day is the perfect way to break down the barriers of the workplace and spend quality time with both colleagues and family.

Any CEO will tell you that in order for a company to run smoothly there needs to be a collaborative work environment between colleagues that allows them to support each other and reach the company’s goals. In the digital world of today, this natural collaboration is happening less and less. There are people in the same workplace that only ever communicate via email, and barely even talk on the phone. As […]

Amazing Family Fun Day Events at Kippure Estate

Are you ready to book your family fun day event? If so, you’ll know it takes a lot of hard work! However, don’t panic, Kippure Estate are here to help…

Family fun days are one of the best ways to say thank you to your staff. After all, they’ve worked hard for your business, and have really put in the effort to ensure your company gets ahead – so it’s high time they get the chance to relax and enjoy some social time with family and fellow colleagues!

However, as anyone who has planned a […]

Family Fun Days – Are They Great For Your Business?

A family fun day is a great way to boost staff morale and blend family life with work – not to mention the ideal way to say thank you to your employees!

Family fun days are becoming an increasingly popular form of corporate event – blending fun, family and work in one well-planned occasion. However, surprisingly few businesses take the opportunity to hold a fun day, and there are even a few companies out there who aren’t entirely sure what they are or what benefit they offer.

What is a Family Fun Day?

The clue is […]

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