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Make 2020 Your Best Sales Year Ever with an Inspirational Kick-Off Meeting

Sales Success 2019 Meeting Wicklow Kippure Estate

Give your sales team a great start to 2020 with a kick-off meeting designed to boost productivity and deliver results.

Kippure Estate is a favourite with businesses wanting to hold a kick-off meeting. Within easy reach of Dublin, surrounded by breath-taking scenery, it’s easy to see why companies come back to us year on year. However, if you haven’t held a kick-off meeting before, you may be wondering why it’s a good idea. After all, you can get the same results doing your regular work in the office, can’t you […]

How to build better teams by having fun together

Why a fun workplace environment leads to enhanced productivity and increased staff retention

How would you describe your workplace? Dull? Uninspiring? Or fun?

For many of us, fun is the last thing we think about when we consider our job. After all, business is serious business. Yet when we bring a sense of fun to our work, not only does it become more enjoyable, we reap other benefits as well. When we work with people we enjoy spending time with, we also get:

– Improved motivation
– A stronger sense of ethics and appropriate behaviour
– Better communication
– Positive leadership
– A […]

7 Energisers to Brighten Up Your Meetings

Quick and simple activities to give your meetings and workshops a boost

It’s a familiar scenario. You’re gathered together for a meeting, but most of the participants are distracted, bored, or just plain falling asleep. If this rings a bell, have no fear. Help is at hand in the form of energisers.

Energisers are a great way to revitalise a group when energy levels and motivation are falling. They’re usually utilised at the beginning of a conference/workshop/meeting or after a meal break, when the group may be flagging. A good energiser will help […]

The Benefits of Having A Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Why Your Business Needs To Get Involved In Its Community

Modern consumers aren’t satisfied with simply buying a product or service. These days, they like to know that the companies they choose to deal with aren’t just providing them with quality goods; they like to be reassured that they’re giving their money to an ethical business, one that makes a social contribution with a Corporate Social Responsibility programme (CSR).

Traditionally, many companies have interpreted this as little more than a PR exercise in saying what people want to hear, leading some to become cynical about […]

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