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Looking for a corporate retreat? We offer the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Looking for a corporate retreat? We offer the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Giving your team a break from the office can work wonders! We give you a few tips on how to find the perfect corporate retreat for your business.

There are countless articles about the positive impact of team building. We all know that giving your staff a break from their daily grind and participating in fun and exhilarating activities which foster cooperation and communication has a noticeable positive effect on productivity, morale and creativity. But how do you go about finding […]

Does your team trust each other?

The importance of trust for an effective team and five activities to help your staff build trust

Trust is key to effective working relationships, but it’s hard to trust when you’ve been let down in the past. Some people are naturally distrustful or have a natural distrust of managers and even colleagues due to previous negative experiences.

So how can you position yourself as a leader people can trust and respect? How can you develop a corporate culture built on genuine trust and mutual support?

Organising corporate events with a focus on trust is an essential […]

Why investing in team building pays for itself – and then some

Ten ways to get the most out of team building programmes for your staff

Be honest. When someone mentions team building, do you inwardly roll your eyes? Feel yourself filling with dread? Picture someone doing a Ricky Gervais impression of the worst boss ever?

If you think team building is a waste of time, you’re not doing it right. In fact, investing in team building is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Done properly, team building increases engagement, creates a positive corporate culture and improves your bottom line. In addition, it develops […]

Eight Easy Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Staff

When staff are engaged and content, they’re more productive. Conversely, when they view going to work as a chore they dread, they’re unlikely to go above and beyond, instead doing the bare minimum required to keep earning their pay cheque.

It’s not difficult to see that you should be aiming at keeping your staff happy and motivated so they’re as enthusiastic as you are about making your business successful. However, you may be wondering how you go about improving staff satisfaction.

Believe it or not, it really doesn’t take much to make staff […]

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