Cut Employee Turnover... in 5 Simple Steps!

Cut Employee Turnover… in 5 Simple Steps!

cut employee turnover

It costs a lot to hire and train your staff, and as a result, it’s vital to find ways to hold on to them! Here’s some tips to reduce employee turnover.

If you’ve got high staff turnover, you’ll already know that it can be something of a problem. Not only does it cost a lot to continually recruit and train new members of staff, but having staff continually leave can be disruptive to the rest of your team too.

Believe it or not, holding on to your staff is easier than you might think. Here’s 5 simple things you can incorporate into your business practice to encourage your valued employees to stay.

Encourage Staff to Stay – the Easy Way

    1. Make sure they understand their role. In order for your employee to want to stay working for you, they need to understand their purpose within the company. What do they add to the business? What key skills do you value in them? This needs to be established right from the start – so wherever possible, create a welcome pack for new members of staff, and have an introductory meeting, establishing exactly where they’ll fit in. Teaming them up with a mentor can also help.


    1. Extend their training. No ambitious bright young thing likes to feel that they’re stuck in a rut. Invest money into sending your staff on team-building or training events, and have regular developmental workshops and learning opportunities throughout the year.


    1. Make the benefits attractive. Work out what motivates your employees to work hard, then establish their benefits around it. Some might value flexible hours, for example, whereas others might be driven by the lure of cash instead. Other great benefits include treating staff to lunch once a week, providing them with attractive surroundings to work in, and offering them special ‘half-days’ from time to time, to spend at home with loved ones.


    1. Make your business inspirational and forward-thinking. Most employees like to think they’re part of something special, and they also like to think that they’re working for a socially responsible company. Introduce a recycling policy into the office, or hold a fund-raising event and get all the team involved. Better still, allow your team to come up with suggestions of their own.


    1. Build a culture of recognition. One of the most common reasons that employees leave is that they don’t feel valued at work. Remember that praise is no bad thing if a team member has performed well. Even better, hold an annual event, and recognise achievement publicly.


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