Driving Your Sales: Inspirational Ideas to Make Your Kick-Off Sales Meeting a Success

Driving Your Sales: Inspirational Ideas to Make Your Kick-Off Sales Meeting a Success

The fundamental purpose of your sales kick-off meeting is to galvanise your sales force; and more simply, to increase sales.

As you and your team move forward into the New Year, you want to ensure that motivation levels are high and that everyone is working towards the same goal.

A sales kick-off meeting is a fantastic opportunity to start the ball rolling, which is why it is so vital to ensure that you get it right. Simply put, a kick-off meeting can either be a dynamic, invigorating event that whips up your sales team into a positive selling force to be reckoned with, or it can be a dreary, lacklustre affair, without any real focus, or indeed, benefit!

How to Ensure Your Sales Kick-Off Meeting Gets Your Team Inspired

There are many ways to hold a good meeting. But mastering the knack of holding a fabulous, highly productive meeting can be tricky. Here are a few pointers to lead you in the right direction.

Get people participating. It’s a fact that people learn far more effectively when they are actively engaged, rather than passively observing. Don’t force your team to suffer endless presentations. Instead, get them participating in activities, learning through doing, rather than by simply listening for hours. Don’t be afraid to ask them to get out of their seats, or involved in actively seeking out solutions to problems; it will all be really helpful in encouraging motivation and collaboration.

Pass the power on. Allowing your team to take control of affairs, if only for a while, can be an incredibly empowering thing, and it also sends a clear message to them; that you’re placing your trust in them, which can really foster positivity in the group. Create an activity where team members have to take charge of the training, or even just report back to the team as a whole.

Bring in an outside speaker. Taking on the full responsibility of speaking yourself can involve a lot of work (and pressure). Even if you’re the best public speaker in the world, it can also create boredom; as your team, like any other human beings, thrive on variety. Introduce an element of surprise with an outside speaker. A new voice can serve to reignite interest and engagement and get inspiration flowing once more.

Set a ‘friendly’ contest. Working in an often pressurised industry, it’s unsurprising that your sales force will often be quite competitive. Whilst too much competition can be detrimental to certain members of the team, a little friendly competition can actually produce excellent results. Set a fun competition for your team members to enter during the kick-off meeting, and don’t be afraid to set a larger competition for when they’re out selling! Just make sure the prize is one that is worth having, to really give them the motivation that they need.

And Above All Else… Keep it Fun!

Your sales kick-off meeting has an important goal, but it’s also vital to maintain an element of fun. To give your team some valuable down-time and some space to absorb everything they have learnt at the meeting, consider including some team-building activities as part of the event. You can get inspiration on our website TeamBuildingIreland.com.


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