Ease into employment with graduate training programmes

Ease into employment with graduate training programmes

Graduate training programmes can smooth the transition from student to employee so you can start your career on the right foot

After graduation, you might have an impressive array of academic qualifications under your belt, but it can be a big culture shock moving from university into the world of business. That’s why most large companies recognise that graduates with excellent qualifications have a lot to offer, but may be lacking in vital work experience to realise that potential. This is where a graduate training programme comes in.

It’s no wonder that good graduate schemes can receive applications from thousands of graduates every year. Graduate training programmes offer support in moving from studies to work, teaching graduates how to be a productive, contributing member of the company. Historically, the finance, banking and insurance industries have a strong record of providing graduate training schemes, but in recent times, their value have been recognised in other fields, such as IT and technical companies.

There are a number of benefits to graduate training programmes. Not only do they allow graduates to make a positive contribution to the company from the start, they help identify development opportunities, so that they can start to plan their career path. What’s more, providing graduates with support and mentorship means that they have the confidence to speak out about any problems or concerns – as well as any ideas for improvement they may have had – helping them be productive members of the team.

It can be daunting to be thrust straight into a leadership role, which is why Kippure Corporate’s graduate development transition programme teaches essential managerial skills, such as how to get into a leadership mind-set, people and resource management, and how to set and meet objectives. Alternatively, our graduate development induction programme covers subjects such as handling sensitive data, project management and time management. By the end of the workshop, each graduate receives a personalised development plan, complete with objectives, so that they can continue to benefit from the training they’ve received during the programme. Providing new recruits with tangible goals to work towards ensures that they can put their learning into practical application for greatest effect.

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