The Out-of-Office Eggstravaganza!

The Out-of-Office Eggstravaganza!

Kippure Estate’s new corporate team building activity helps your team shake off the winter blues. This fun event refreshes minds with exercise, creativity and planning.

Eggstravaganza invites your team to build a device that will allow an egg to be dropped from a six metre-plus height without breaking. We can run this programme at Kippure Estate in County Wicklow, or we can bring it to you anywhere in Ireland. It’s ideally suited to a hotel or even your office. If the weather is good, we can run it outside, but it can also be done indoors and outdoors.

More than just a fun event which will bring whole new meaning to the words “out-of-office”, Eggstravaganza incorporates the skills of team building, forward planning, communication and tactical thinking.

During the three-hour event, point can be collected by successfully find orienteering controls or by completing team tasks. These points can be used like money – it will allow you to buy the items you’ll need to build the device, and team members have to work out how many points they need for those items.

But the shop that supplies the items for the device is only open for a short period of time… Will your team be able to work out how long they need to plan, collect the points through the orienteering course, buy the items and build the device in time for the scheduled drop of the egg that must take place at a pre-specified time?

The exercise lasts three hours with a meet and greet, ice-breaker game, the formation of teams, the challenge brief and planning, point collecting from the orienteering exercise, and building the device, culminating in the big reveal…

Does the device actually work?

Most of the Eggstravaganza event is performed indoors, apart from the point collection challenge (one hour) and the big reveal where the teams get to find out if they have built a device that can drop an egg six metres without breaking.

This fun event is perfect of businesses and private groups. It can involve 10 or more participants and the fitness level needed for taking part is “medium”. Team sizes are four to six people.

The challenge is designed to invigorate and motivate your team – the perfect winter pick-me-up.

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