Family Fun Day: Corporate team building with a difference!

Family Fun Day: Corporate team building with a difference!

Corporate Family Fun Day

A Corporate Family Fun Day is the perfect way to break down the barriers of the workplace and spend quality time with both colleagues and family.

Any CEO will tell you that in order for a company to run smoothly there needs to be a collaborative work environment between colleagues that allows them to support each other and reach the company’s goals. In the digital world of today, this natural collaboration is happening less and less. There are people in the same workplace that only ever communicate via email, and barely even talk on the phone. As the workload increases staff bonding decreases, meaning that you need to make an extra effort to help cultivate and sustain a workplace built upon supportive relationships between staff.

When your employees are at work, especially in an office environment, there is very little time for them to talk about anything besides work and bond on a personal level. While having a team that is focused and dedicated to their work is admirable, this lack of inter-personal collaboration can be a detriment in the long run.

It is vital that your team comes to see each other as more than just work colleagues, and it is the role of management to facilitate this. Getting colleagues to bond outside the work place is the only way to break down the barriers of work. Even if it is just a trip to the pub after work or a team dinner, these small out of work opportunities can have huge knock on effects. This is even truer with large social events and activities. Taking the time to build up the trust in your team will not only improve collaboration but it will help to make your workplace more harmonious and open.

Team bonding that gets the family involved

The best teams are the ones that act like a family unit. They celebrate successes together, learn from mistakes together, and figure out how to improve things in the future together.

One of the simplest ways to develop a familial relationship in the workplace is to recognise the support structure that each of your employees’ family provides them when they aren’t at work. By investing directing into their family they will open up to yours. This is one the reasons why many companies are now turning to team building events that involve their employees’ families.

One type of team building in particular, a family fun day, is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reward success, develop relationships, and have fun while doing it! By extending the invitation to your employees’ partners and children the day becomes one of bonding on a deep, familial level. Not only are you showing your team that you value the contributions of their family but you are creating an environment that your employees want to remain a part of.

Family fun days are unique in that they offer a wide range of activities for all age groups to get involved with. Kippure Estate in County Wicklow offers both onsite and offsite family fun days. More about Family Fun Days…

Why Team Building?

The most important part of team building is in the name itself – the team. The best kinds of team building activities are the ones that get everyone involved on an equal level, giving their relationships a chance to flourish while doing something fun and engaging. By breaking down the barriers of the workplace and putting your team into a different environment they will begin to see each other in a different light.

These days it is all too common for colleagues to walk past each other without so much as a hello. A team building experience can encourage the camaraderie within your workplace, allowing strangers to become friends, and making the workplace stronger and more united. Whether it is working together, thinking outside the box, problem solving, or communication, team building events will not only bring your team together but it will challenge them to overcome problems and work together to find solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and book a Family Fun Day.


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