Family Fun Days - Are They Great For Your Business?

Family Fun Days – Are They Great For Your Business?

A family fun day is a great way to boost staff morale and blend family life with work – not to mention the ideal way to say thank you to your employees!

Family fun days are becoming an increasingly popular form of corporate event – blending fun, family and work in one well-planned occasion. However, surprisingly few businesses take the opportunity to hold a fun day, and there are even a few companies out there who aren’t entirely sure what they are or what benefit they offer.

What is a Family Fun Day?

The clue is in the name – essentially, the event is designed to be suitable for all the family, young and old. Staff are given the chance to bring their family along for the day, and whilst there, can enjoy food, special activities, socialising and some relaxation from work.

It might not be initially obvious what the benefits are, especially if there are no training or educational sessions involved. You might be wondering what the perks are for your business, and why you should bother hosting a special event for all the family. Here’s a brief explanation why.

The Benefits

  • Establishing company ethos. Booking a family fun day for your staff speaks volumes about you as an employer. It shows that you see your staff as more than just money-generating machines. It sends a clear message to them – that you’re willing to invest time and money to ensure that they remain contented and happy in your company.


  • Staff reward. If it’s been a hard year for your staff, and you know that a lot of them have put in overtime, extra effort and hard work for the company, a family fun day is a great way of saying thank you.


  • Recognising achievement. It’s likely that your staff will have achieved big things over the past year, and a family fun day is an ideal opportunity to recognise their achievements in front of not only their colleagues, but their loved ones too.


  • Morale booster. If case studies are anything to go by, family fun days really do help to boost morale by a significant margin. Employees tend to come back to the office, refreshed, re-energised and raring to go!


  • Fund raising. If you want, your fun day can also be a great chance to raise some money for a charity of your choice.

What Sort of Fun Day?

Ultimately, deciding what sort of fun day you want to book depends of the needs of your staff, and your business. It might be a good idea to do a bit of homework. Find out how old your employees’ children are. Think about what events would appeal to that age range. What could you include for the wives and husbands? What about your staff – what do they like doing?

For example, do your staff like to get active? If so, an outdoors treetops course or an archery session might be ideal. If you’ve got very young kids coming, a bouncy castle or treasure hunt is a good idea. You might want to create an area where your staff can mingle comfortably whilst enjoying some food and drink. There’s a lot to plan – and it’s always a good idea to keep in mind that the devil is in the detail.

Of course, it’s important to consider health and safety too – especially if you’ve got a lot of young children attending the event. This is why it’s important to work with a reliable family fun day provider, rather than attempting to co-ordinate the entire event yourself.

Family Fun Days at Kippure

If you’d like to start planning out your fun day, it’s a good idea to begin early. Planning events for 50+ people can be challenging, even for the most seasoned events planning pros! To find out how Kippure Estate can help you to host a fantastic family fun day event, simply get in touch with the team today on 01 458 2889.


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