Graduate Development Induction Programme – A Guide

Graduate Development Induction Programme – A Guide

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Graduates bring new skills and up-to-date information to the workplace. It’s important to make sure they settle into your company as well as possible.  

It’s probably fair to say that graduates are, quite literally, the future of your company. Of course, your existing team hold huge value; offering experience and expertise that they’ve developed over the years. However, a graduate brings excitement, new skills and a fresh approach, which if handled well, can invigorate your business.

Making Graduates Feel at Home

Remember when you were a graduate? Your first day at work was probably an intimidating event, regardless of how you were integrated into the company. It’s exactly the same for graduates today – they’re looking forward to starting their careers, but probably feeling slightly terrified too!

As a result, it’s so important to make sure they feel comfortable in the workplace as soon as possible. You’ll need to introduce them to the team, explain what their role will be within the company, plus give important information, such as office protocols, how to handle sensitive information, and company policies.

Graduate Induction Programmes

Enrolling your enthusiastic graduate on to an induction programme is a great way of making sure they hit the ground running. It’s a chance for them to learn the ropes in a safe, unthreatening environment, which can help develop confidence. You’ll be able to talk through specific aims and goals with the programme coordinators, who will then tailor the events to meet your needs.

On Kippure Corporate’s Graduate Induction Programme, your graduate will stay overnight at Kippure Estate, and will take part in a variety of activities, designed to help improve communication, develop team relations, and bond with other recently employed graduates.

Workshops include:

  • How to handle information – including sensitive data within the company
  • How to manage a project
  • How to work as part of a team
  • Task management
  • Staying organised and managing time effectively

These are often skills that get overlooked when a graduate is introduced to the company, so it’s a great chance for them to brush up on the basics and ensure that they’re organised, motivated and focused when they begin work.

After the workshop is complete, they’ll also be given a personalised action plan to take away with them… we like to give them homework to work on afterwards! After all, they’re used to it, they’ve just graduated…

Booking a Graduate Induction Workshop

If you’d like your new graduates to take part in Kippure’s Graduate Development Induction workshop , get in touch with our corporate sales team today by calling 01 458 2889 or check out our website


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