Graduate Developments Transition Programme – A Guide

Graduate Developments Transition Programme – A Guide

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A Graduate development programme can help your graduates to develop the necessary skills for leadership roles and more responsibility. Here’s how.

Graduates can be a real asset to your company, as you probably already know! Fresh from university, they not only inject energy and enthusiasm into the workplace, but they’ve also got the up-to-date knowledge and creative ideas to take your business to the next level.

Keeping Enthusiasm Ignited!

Settling your graduates into the company is obviously the first priority. A graduate development programme can really help them to ‘hit the ground running’ and make an excellent start in their new careers.

However, what happens a year or two later? How can you make sure that brilliant initial enthusiasm is still firmly in place? After all, the last thing you want is for all that drive and determination to dwindle. This is where a specialist graduate development programme for transitioning grads can really help.

Kippure Estate’s Graduate Development Transition Programme

It’s important to make sure your graduates continue to feel excited about their role and their future prospects. The more established members of staff bring experience and expertise to the workplace, but it’s your graduates who are essentially your future – and you want to make sure you don’t lose them to another company!

Kippure’s Graduate Transition Programme is designed specifically to invigorate and inspire graduates who are ready to take on leadership roles or positions of greater responsibility. It’s a residential workshop, which focuses on:

  • How to make effective decisions
  • Managing people successfully
  • Managing resources
  • Taking on a leadership role
  • Setting objectives… and meeting them!
  • Self-reflection / self-improvement
  • Thinking Like a Leader?

The main idea is to get graduates thinking less like graduates, and more like ambitious, forward-thinking leaders. Which is, of course, what they are… they just might not realise it yet! Taking on a leadership role can be daunting, but graduate programmes help grads to practice the necessary skills in a safe, non-threatening environment. If they make mistakes, it doesn’t matter – that’s the idea of the programme.

If you’ve got any particular skills in mind that you’d like your graduates to develop, then Kippure Corporate’s facilitation team will work with you to tailor the programme to suit your needs.

What Next?

After the workshop, your graduates will be given an action plan to take away with them – which is not only designed to help them reflect on their practices (and identify areas for improvement), but is there to help instil them with enthusiasm. It provides them with something tangible to aim for, and gives them the much-needed support to move on to the next stage of their career.

If you’d like to find out more about Kippure Estate’s Graduate Development Transition Programme, please get in touch with our corporate sales team by calling 01 458 2889 or email


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