High & Wild

High & Wild

Kippure Estate near Dublin

High & Wild

For an exhilarating corporate event that your employees will never forget, consider Kippure Estate’s High & Wild programme. Participants complete high ropes courses to experience the ultimate adventure.

Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild
Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild
Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild
Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild
Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild
Team Building High & WildTeam Building High & Wild


Taking place 11 to 17 meters (35 to 55 feet) off the ground, this team building activity combines an adrenaline rush with natural splendour amidst woodland canopies and amazing views of the Wicklow Mountains.

High & Wild is about building team morale. Workmates place their trust in one another as climbers rely on those on the ground to belay and secure their ascension ropes. Individuals grow in self-esteem and confidence as they complete increasingly challenging tasks. Kippure Estate integrates the Challenge by Choice philosophy where participants choose which courses to tackle. Respect for each individual’s choices and ideas are an essential component of each challenge. For some, who may be afraid of heights, they will find a way to exit their comfort zones due to the encouragement from their co-workers. Participants will support each other as they strive to surpass their personal bests.

These team activities will be catered towards your group’s skills and desires. Choose between a competitive or non-competitive style; both result in facilitating compassion, empathy and cooperation among effective teams.

All of our staff are experienced and appropriately qualified to ensure the safety of your group members during the entire High & Wild corporate team building activity.

The High & Wild ropes course includes:

Jacobs Ladder – Scale what seems like an “endless” ladder suspended from the sky as it becomes increasingly more difficult to climb.

Leap of Faith – For the ultimate test of courage, climb a 13-metre pole, stand on top of a small, wobbling platform and, if you are mad enough, leap through the air and grasp a suspended trapeze bar.

The Sky Frame – Climb to the top of our state of the art wooden tower to feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment. Take in the amazing view before experiencing the rush of abseiling back down to the forest floor.

The Balance Beam – Test your courage and balancing skills by crossing a narrow telephone pole suspended horizontally between two trees.

Kippure High ropes Course

A ropes course is a series of physical adventure challenges requiring a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment. Even participants who are initially afraid of heights accomplish what previously seemed impossible with the support and encouragement from team members. Physical safety is ensured through the use of a belay system with ropes, karabineers, harnesses, and specialised hardware. With the reassurance of our professionally trained facilitators, every event is about perceived versus actual risk.

Combine High & Wild with one of our other half-day team games or with one of our catered corporate entertainment options.

Book the best corporate team building event ever!

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