How to build better teams by having fun together

How to build better teams by having fun together

Why a fun workplace environment leads to enhanced productivity and increased staff retention

How would you describe your workplace? Dull? Uninspiring? Or fun?

For many of us, fun is the last thing we think about when we consider our job. After all, business is serious business. Yet when we bring a sense of fun to our work, not only does it become more enjoyable, we reap other benefits as well. When we work with people we enjoy spending time with, we also get:

  • – Improved motivation
  • – A stronger sense of ethics and appropriate behaviour
  • – Better communication
  • – Positive leadership
  • – A desire to commit to the company long-term
  • – Increased productivity
  • – And so much more.

Teamwork is a natural part of working in a business and being able to be an effective member of the team is crucial to be able to achieve your business goals. When you work together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, everyone contributing their own unique talents for the benefit of the team.

They say that people leave bosses rather than jobs. When you create an inspiring, pleasant culture for your employees, it encourages people to give their best and be more creative when it comes to problem solving. Not only that, it helps your staff stay focused on the task at hand because they feel appreciated and that their work genuinely matters.

On the other hand, when you have a team that doesn’t have fun together, the chances are high that this is a symptom of other problems within the group. It may well be that there’s a lack of motivation, meaning that staff only put in any effort when they feel like the boss is watching, but slack off whenever they feel they can get away with it. Alternatively, they might be motivated – but only if the salary as right, and this is a problem because when someone’s purely money motivated, you need to keep paying them more to improve their results and they’re more likely to leave the company sooner once they get a better offer.

When a team doesn’t feel that they can have fun together, communication is often poor. They might tell you that everything is fine, but behind your back, staff could well be criticising you/the company and advising people against working for you. Finally, if the workplace isn’t positive and enjoyable, it’s unlikely that your team will stick with you when trouble hits. If they can’t find an alternative position, then they’ll check out in other ways, showing up for work, but doing the bare minimum to get by.

It should be obvious by now just how important it is to create a fun work environment, but how do you do that? After all, different people have different ideas of what’s fun or humorous, and the last thing you want to do is offend anyone when you’re trying to entertain them.

Team building exercises are a great way to break down walls between team members and start to develop a sense of collective fun. Shared memories of good times together are a strong foundation that enable you to bring more fun into your everyday work life. And when you have fun at work, you build a positive company culture, which means you attract more top talent to join your team, improving your bottom line. Success breeds success, after all, so when people see how enjoyable it is to work for your company, they’ll want to be part of your team too.

A popular choice for those wanting to bring more fun to their team, is our Braveheart Games. Inspired by William Wallace, your staff are divided into groups to compete against each other in activities such as:

  • – Sheaf of Wheat Toss. Who can get the Sheaf over the highest bar?
  • – Turf stacking. Construct your very own recreation of the Glendalough Tower.
  • – Team Shield building. Design a coat of arms for your clan to rally around.

Exhilarating from start to finish, we can bring the Braveheart Games to a venue of your choosing or, if you come down to Kippure Estate, you might spot some familiar locations. Some of the scenes from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart were filmed right here!

Alternatively, you might like to race against the clock in the Final Countdown. You’ll be divided into teams to complete a number of challenges testing your physique, wit and comedy. The winners won’t necessarily be the fastest or the strongest – it’s all about who can work best as a team. Work to build up points in events such as:

  • – Archery. You’ll need to answer trivia questions if you want to hit the bullseye/
  • – Minefield. With 50 squares to navigate, can you find the right path through?
  • – Maze table. 4 team members are blindfolded to control the maze while the others given them instructions on how to get a ball through to the end.

We also have a number of ice breakers and meeting energisers to help brighten up any corporate event.

If you’d like more information about how to inject more fun into your workplace with team building activities, call us on +353 (1) 458 2889 or email


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