Improving Sales and Hitting Targets: How to Plan a Really Productive Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Improving Sales and Hitting Targets: How to Plan a Really Productive Sales Kick-Off Meeting

January is an exciting time for your company. It’s the start of a New Year, and after the festive celebrations are over, you’re likely to have a sales force that are feeling motivated and ready to get out there and generate those all-important sales!

Making the Most of the Enthusiasm with a Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Many companies hold a sales kick-off meeting in the New Year, and it’s a good idea to start giving some thought to booking your venue, to ensure you get the perfect location to best motivate and inspire your team. As a general rule, it’s better to select an intimate, smaller venue in which to work together, rather than an over-sized conference facility (unless, of course, you have a team of hundreds!) A smaller space will really help with generating focus and creating that vital sense of cohesion and collaboration amongst your employees.

It’s also a good idea to start giving some thought as to what strategies you’re going to put in place, to ensure that you get the best results possible from your meeting.

Getting Prepared: Top Tips to Prepare for a Successful Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Work out your goals. As with any meeting, it’s important to start your planning by assessing exactly what you want to achieve from it. Is it most important to get your team up to speed with training? Or is building motivation and focus your main priority? It’s a good idea to not only know what these objectives are, but also to share them with your team. It’s also an excellent idea to work out how you’re going to measure if those objectives have been met.

How are you going to keep their attention? In order to get the most from your staff, you need to ensure that they are actively engaged in the meeting, and that you’re not running any risk of inducing eyelid-drooping or idle notepad doodling! Break your objectives into smaller themes, and then devise activities around these. Remember, you don’t have to keep things static. There’s nothing wrong with getting team members out of their seat from time to time, or even letting them take centre-stage and manage part of the meeting!

Reward achievement. Working in sales can be a tough job at times, and it’s really important to recognise achievement within your company. Your sales kick-off meeting is an excellent time to acknowledge those employees who have smashed their targets, but also a great time to recognise those who have gone the extra mile to get results. Praise and public recognition is a wonderful way of fostering motivation (not to mention encouraging a little bit of healthy competition!)

Prepare something to take home. It’s a good idea to prepare something that your team can take away with them after the event, to keep the information that they’ve received fresh in their minds.

Magical Motivation Methods: Team-Building Activities

If you really want to get your sales force to be geared up for the forthcoming year of sales, then including a team-building activity is a fantastic way of keeping spirits up and getting your employees thinking as a collaborative, productive team, rather than a set of individuals. To get some inspiration, visit our website


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