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Kippure Estate near Dublin

Indoor Booster

Do your employees need a serious pick-me-up?

Are you looking to break up a long day of meetings?

Indoor Team BuildingIndoor Team Building
Indoor Team BuildingIndoor Team Building
Indoor Team BuildingIndoor Team Building
Indoor Team BuildingIndoor Team Building


Kippure Estate will come to you – your office, conference site or another convenient venue – and bring fun and energizing activities that promise to revitalize your colleagues.

Re-energise Your Team!

The team building tasks and challenges can be organized to fill one to three-hour breaks. Small groups rotate around a series of challenges that combine strategy and a healthy healthy dose of fun competition. Indoor tasks and puzzles will enable teams to gain points that will help them in the “winner takes all finale game”.

Sample Tasks:

  • Tangrams: Large geometric puzzles where teams must work together to make various shapes.
  • Puzzle Zone: Complete as many of the “hands-on” puzzles as you can in the time available.
  • Blind Maze Table: Teams must blindfold 4 people and they are the only ones who can touch the maze and the other team members must VERBALLY guide them to move the ball through the maze.
  • Towers of Hanoi: Teams must transfer the tower from the start to the end point but can only move one block at a time and cannot put a big block on a small block!

Book the best corporate team building event ever!

Contact Damian:
Tel: 01-458 2889

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