Boost Sales in 2016 with a Successful Kick-Off Meeting

Boost Sales in 2016 with a Successful Kick-Off Meeting

The New Year marks a great opportunity to reinvigorate your team and boost sales – and a kick-off meeting is the ideal way to achieve this!

Kippure Estate is a really popular location for kick-off meetings, and certainly, when you see the beautiful natural surroundings and excellent corporate facilities, you can understand why. However, when exploring the option of holding such an annual meeting, some employers are left wondering – why does it matter so much? What’s the advantage of having a kick-off meeting? Can’t we achieve the same results back in the office?

Here’s some reasons why holding a kick-off meeting in the New Year can really boost your business.

The ‘Kick-Off Effect’…

A kick-off meeting, when done well, can serve to ‘kick’ your business into gear, which is invaluable when sales are getting sluggish and morale is a little bit low. Here’s other ways in which it can help your company.

  • Collaboration. It’s a great chance to get the team together, working collaboratively towards a common goal. Sometimes, just getting your staff out of the office and into a fresh environment can help reignite enthusiasm and foster a more positive team atmosphere.
  • Identifying goals. A kick-off meeting provides the perfect opportunity to clearly outline your aims and targets for the year. It ensures that all staff are firmly on the same page, and know what they need to do to achieve results.
  • Improve atmosphere. If you want to boost sales, you need to ensure that your employees are motivated, inspired and excited to be a part of the team. This can be difficult to accomplish in the office, when you’re surrounded by work and other external pressures, such as deadlines or constant interruptions.

Kippure Estate – A Great Venue for a Kick-Off Meeting

Kippure Estate is an excellent place to hold your New Year kick-off meeting. Not only are we one of Ireland’s leading corporate event and team-building specialists, but we also have one of the finest locations in the country. On site, we’ve got a range of meeting rooms of various sizes.  After the meeting, your team are welcome to explore our stunning surroundings (we’re situated in the Wicklow Mountains), or engage in some team-building activities.

This may all sound rather difficult to get to – but the good news is, we’re only a 40 minute drive from Dublin, so we’re actually incredibly easy to reach!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you hold a productive sales kick-off meeting, or arrange some team-building activities for your company, simply get in touch with our corporate sales team today by calling  01 458 2889.


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