Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Motivate and inspire your team with effective leadership skills

An effective leader understands that leading requires ongoing development and training to continue to be able to motivate their team. At Kippure Corporate, our leadership development course is designed to help you be the best leader you can be. Whether you’ve recently been promoted or you’re a more experienced leader, there’s always more to learn.

Leadership development is tailored to the individual. No matter how self-aware you think you are, you’ll discover new, relevant understandings about your strong points as a leader, as well as the aspects of your leadership style that could do with fine tuning and development.

Leadership Development

Not just another boring day in the classroom

Traditional leadership programmes frequently focus on trying to cram in as many cold, hard facts as possible through endless PowerPoint slides, resulting in a passive experience that has participants switching off, resulting in little or no benefit. This misses the point of what leadership development should be. It should be self-motivated and self-driven, adapting to each participant.

Our training programme engages the participant so that you can experience an active shift in emotional, cognitive and behavioural attitudes. Our facilitators will:

  • Enable learning
  • Effectively handle feedback across participants
  • Guide you towards your stated goal.

Our facilitation provides learning opportunities to the individual, so you can decide what you will take from them, rather than dictating what will be learned, which is the more traditional approach.

The feedback you need

Successful facilitation include the ability to give constructive feedback, which needs to be dealt with sensitively and supportively, especially when it is negative. Our facilitators will remark only on what they have personally seen or heard rather than relying on hearsay. This helps to remove any aspect of personal attack and keep it firmly in the realms of an impartial comment on what happened, keeping it constructive.

Once the workshop is completed, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise different personality types within their team and identify the best method of nurturing individuals
  • Identify their personal leadership style and how to tailor this to their team
  • Handle conflict
  • Communicate in the most effective manner
  • inspire confidence within the team to follow their leadership
  • Build a more effective team
  • Choose the most appropriate course of action when dealing with difficult team members

If you’d like more information about our Leadership Development Workshop or you’d like to book your team onto the course, contact us today.


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