Looking for a corporate retreat? We offer the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Looking for a corporate retreat? We offer the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Looking for a corporate retreat? We offer the perfect combination of fun, team building and work epiphanies.

Giving your team a break from the office can work wonders! We give you a few tips on how to find the perfect corporate retreat for your business.

There are countless articles about the positive impact of team building. We all know that giving your staff a break from their daily grind and participating in fun and exhilarating activities which foster cooperation and communication has a noticeable positive effect on productivity, morale and creativity. But how do you go about finding the right corporate retreat for your team?

How is a Corporate Retreat Different to a Team Building Event?

While Hollywood movies might depict corporate retreats as something glamorous or, conversely, filled with comedy, the reality of a retreat is that the main focus should always be on achieving measurable results. While there can be an overlap between the types of activities you participate in on a retreat and a team-building event, the latter is carried out over the duration of a single day (and may be done on company premises), a retreat is booked in a different location to your company and takes place over a longer period of time.

A retreat can be held in a wide variety of locations according to need. It could be a large hotel fitted out exclusively for business use. It might be an exciting activity-centre with bespoke equipment and rooms. It might be a setting with a huge array of choices which you can combine to inspire your staff.

The Benefits of a Retreat

There are plenty of advantages to booking a corporate retreat for your team, including:

  • Tangible results. Whereas a standard hotel stay offers little more than accommodation and a few drinks in the bar, a corporate retreat can be tailored to support you in achieving specific results. Decide in advance on your desired outcomes!
  • Staff motivation. Leaving the office for the few days excites staff which in itself can act as a springboard to improving motivation and engagement, which is particularly useful if you believe morale has been low recently.
  • Reward. Corporate retreats can be a very effective way to reward your staff for a job well done. While everyone will be participating in team-building activities during the retreat, they’ll also have plenty of time to relax, unwind, get to know their colleagues better and generally have a positive experience.

Choosing the Right Retreat

Which corporate retreat is best for your company will depend on your specific requirements, as well as the nature of your business, so before you book a venue, ask yourself:

  1. What is our goal for this retreat? What exactly do you want to achieve? Do you need your employees to learn a new skill? Work more effectively as a team? Build a positive corporate culture? If you know what you want to achieve by the end of the retreat, this will help you find the right place.
  2. What activities suit my team best? If your team has an older average age, you’ll probably want to avoid a high-octane, adrenaline fuelled corporate retreat stuffed with demanding physical activities and challenges. On the flip side, if you’re booking a retreat for a younger team, they’re more likely to get the most out of a lively event.
  3. What’s my budget? You need to be realistic about your costs. While you might want to go all full on for a luxury venue with all the bells and whistles, if it’s going to cost more than your available funds, it’s unlikely to be worth it.

Kippure Estate – Specialists in Corporate Retreats

Now you know what to think about when booking your next corporate retreat and if you require a venue set in stunning surroundings within easy reach of Dublin that boasts a wide range of team-building activities, provides excellent food and comfortable accommodation, all facilitated by a highly experienced corporate team, speak to our staff today.

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