Can You Feel the Force? Motivating Your Sales Force at a Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Can You Feel the Force? Motivating Your Sales Force at a Sales Kick-Off Meeting

As you’re probably already aware, motivating your sales force involves a lot more than a simple presentation of a pay check each month, regardless of how generous the amount may be.

Although good pay provides decent enough motivation for a team member to work hard, if you want your sales force to really go that extra mile and strive towards excellence, you need to find a way to inspire them to do so.

A sales break-out meeting not only provides the perfect opportunity to lay out plans for the year and to set targets; but also gives you the valuable chance to instil some serious motivation into your sales force.

Top Tips to Motivate Your Sales Force at Your Next Sales Kick-Off Meeting

Focus on creating an atmosphere of trust. An employee is far more likely to be committed to their role if they are made to feel like a valued, trusted part of the team. It’s also extremely important that they feel they can trust their team in return (and that includes you!). A sales kick-off meeting provides a really powerful opportunity for you to foster this sense of trust; and it’s the ideal time to introduce some team building activities to get them thinking in terms of team results, rather than just individual targets.

Seize the chance to reaffirm your company ethos. If you want your sales force to be dedicated to your business, you need to ensure that they see the company as a dynamic, exciting place to work within, not just another money-making corporation. A sales kick-off meeting is a wonderful time to make sure that your team perceives the company in a positive light; as a company that values them and actively seeks to encourage their professional development.

Incentivise. The annual sales kick-off meeting is the perfect time to set a challenge to your team, with a suitable incentive. Think outside the box a bit when it comes to the rewards. Of course, money is an excellent motivator, but sometimes, the promise of a weekend away with loved ones, a luxury hamper from a top store or a voucher to spend at their favourite retail shop can feel more like an indulgent ‘well-earned treat’…

Recognise achievement. If, last year, some of your team members really strove to get great results for your company, then it is vital to recognise this. A token of recognition is always appreciated, and also a public acknowledgement, which can help to motivate those who perhaps didn’t strive quite so hard!

Make the job sound exciting. It is human nature to appreciate variety; and your sales kick-off meeting is a great opportunity for you to reignite enthusiasm for the sales role and to encourage your team to think of new and creative ways to approach their job. Now is the perfect time to introduce a new piece of technology (which will make their lives easier) or a new, dynamic method of working.

Finding Inspirational Space to Hold Your Kick-Off Meeting

Kippure Estate have a variety of meeting rooms, perfect for up to 100 team members to meet and exchange ideas. Visit our website to find out more, and also, to see the full range of team-building activities we have available to complement your sales kick-off meeting.


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