How to Really Inspire Your Team

How to Really Inspire Your Team

Three Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Team Building Experience

Strong teams are one of the most important factors when it comes to meeting your business goals. Your staff need to be working together, aiming towards the same outcome if you’re going to have any chance of reaching your targets.

This is why team building exercises are so popular with successful businesses. Showing teams that it’s possible to pull together towards a common goal is an effective way to teach them the skills they need to do the same in the office.

The problem with many team building encounters is that they’re often set up so that one team wins – which means that other teams lose. Although competition can be healthy, there are times when it can be counterproductive. Here’s three ways in which you can avoid falling into the trap of competition to get the most out of your team building experience.

  1. Collaborate instead of compete

If you want your staff to succeed, being competitive isn’t always the best way. If you’ve sent your team on a competitive team building course, the winners will feel amazing when they achieve their goal, but what about the losers?

Not only have you potentially created a divide between the members of the winning team and the losers, you also have to deal with the losers feeling that they weren’t good enough or can’t do anything to help their team reach their goals, meaning they won’t put in as much effort. Why bother if you won’t win?

Instead of going with a traditional competitive format, get your team to work on a collaborative exercise. Either everyone wins or no one does. If you need, split the groups up so that every team is working on a different part of a large task. This promotes cooperation between teams, which will help them work more effectively together back in the workplace.

  1. Bring out the best in your people

Not everyone responds to competition in healthy ways. Faced with the prospect of a potential loss, some people can become hostile and aggressive, doing whatever it takes to get ahead. When you come away from a team building exercise, you want everyone to feel closer by the end, not dreading coming into work and facing the person screaming at them to do better.

Again, collaboration is the key here. Stay away from high stress situations and instead promote supporting each other to solve problems. Once your team sees how good it feels to work with people who want to see everyone succeed, that attitude will translate to the workplace, encouraging everyone to do their best.

  1. Encourage top performance

People rarely perform well under stress and competition only makes that pressure worse. Force someone into competitive situations and they won’t always make good decisions. Not only that, they’ll find it harder to cope with any surprises or added strain. It won’t be long before something snaps and you lose a valued team member.

When you’re putting together your team building event, choose tasks that focus on quality rather than quantity. Make sure the exercises value team contribution and effort rather than quick problem solving.

An effective team that knows how to work well together is essential for your business’s success. Team building events can be a highly efficient way of strengthening your teams, as long as you choose the right kind of tasks to bring your staff together.

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