Show Your Appreciation: Incentives for Staff Retention

Show Your Appreciation: Incentives for Staff Retention

Thank you is a small word! Give your staff the recognition that they deserve. Here are some ideas for staff incentives to offer your hard-working workforce.

Think back to the last time someone told you that you’d done well at something. Chances are that the comment, no matter how casually delivered, made you feel good about yourself, and proud of what you’d achieved.

Appreciation is a key aspect of ensuring that your staff remain happy, motivated and content within your organisation. Indeed, it’s something that all humans thrive on, and it acts as a powerful motivational tool. There’s no such thing as ‘too much appreciation’; and if a member of staff has gone the extra mile, or really delivered on a particular task, it’s vital to ensure that they’re made to feel good about their achievements.

Top Ways to Reward Your Staff to Encourage Staff Retention

Be vocal in your appreciation. Don’t be afraid to voice your approval and pleasure if a member of staff has shone in a particular task. Use your judgement to assess what sort of recognition they’ll best respond to. For some people, public recognition in front of their peers can act as real motivation. For others, a quiet pat on the back and ‘thank you’ serves just as well.

Give bonuses where appropriate. If you have the spare funds to reward high performing staff with a bonus, then you should consider doing so. It’s important to remember that ultimately, your employees are working for you for a salary, and that a bonus is a great additional treat, which they can put towards something of value in their lives. It’s also highly likely to make them strive for a further bonus in the future!

Treat them to a special event or occasion. A great way of showing recognition to all your staff is to hold a special event in their honour. If funds are tight, a simple meal in a local restaurant is a good way of getting together and showing your appreciation. If you want to really wow your staff, consider holding a party at a memorable venue, or booking a themed event, such as a retro 70s night, or a classic All-American night, with 50s diner buffet and a rock and roll ambiance. See more:

Introduce a weekly ‘treat’. A simple, yet incredibly effective way to show your appreciation is to have a weekly treat, such as cakes on Friday, or a small weekly competition to win a book or other voucher. It not only shows that you value them, but also creates a fun, upbeat atmosphere.

Give them opportunities to progress. A great way to incentivise your team and demonstrate to them that you want them to succeed is to send them on a training event, designed to help develop their skills and talents in the workplace.

Thank You: A Small Word…With a Lot of Impact!

If you want to retain your valued members of staff, always try to keep in mind just how important it is to recognise their hard work, regardless of whether it’s a small achievement or something truly momentous for the company.

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Summer Barbecues

There’s nothing like a summer party including a delicious barbecue to give your staff a boost to their morale and now’s the perfect time to start planning one.