Stay Assertive and Keep Your Cool in the Workplace

Stay Assertive and Keep Your Cool in the Workplace

Managing a team is a little like juggling. It involves patience and perseverance, and it’s important to stay assertive, without getting angry.

There’s no doubt that managing a team is a delicate task to master, and can sometimes lead to frustration, frayed nerves and angry outbursts.

However, confrontation in the workplace seldom has a happy ending. Aggressive behaviour, even if it feels good at the time, inevitably causes resentment and bad feeling among your employees; which can have a knock-on effect when it comes to morale and even staff retention.

Handling Situations in the Workplace Without Losing Your Temper

It’s challenging to keep your cool when a tricky situation arises in the workplace. From under-performing staff to irritating behaviour from colleagues; sometimes, the temptation to respond aggressively is too much to resist! However, there are plenty of other ways that you can handle these situations without resorting to confrontation. Here’s a few helpful tips:

Allow your employee to speak. It’s likely that you’ve got an opinion on the situation. However, it’s important to remember that your employee has one too; and if they feel that they can’t speak freely, resentment is likely to grow. Give them the chance to voice their feelings on the matter; then respond accordingly.

Be specific with feedback. If your employee has done something wrong, it’s really important to be as specific as you can when feeding back about their behaviour. For example, if you’re frustrated because they keep turning up to work late; say ‘I’m not happy with the fact that you were ten minutes late this morning, and fifteen minutes late yesterday’, rather than saying ‘you’re always late’.

Focus on the solution, rather than the situation. Remember that your focus should be on moving forward, not dwelling on the past and passing blame. Instead of concentrating solely on the negative behaviour, identify ways in which the situation can be turned around and improved. Ask your employee if they have any suggestions, as active involvement means that they are far more likely to be ‘on board’ with moving forward.

Don’t address the situation when you’re furious. If you’re really angry, and suspect that you’re going to be unable to maintain control of your temper, wait a while. Make yourself a cup of tea, sit down at your desk, talk it through with a member of your family on the phone if necessary, and give yourself the time to cool down. Tackling the problem when you’re furious will inevitably lead to an office showdown, which is not an attractive prospect.

Get to know your staff. Book the team in for a team-building event, and focus on getting to know your staff on a more informal level. By taking the time to build a more positive relationship with them, you may find their behaviour naturally improves when back in the office. Team building is also great for building morale and pulling your staff together as a cohesive, productive whole.

Lead the Way by Setting a Positive Example

Remember that your team model their work behaviour by watching you. Make sure you set a good example, by behaving calmly and considerately whenever possible, even in the trickiest of situations. If you feel that morale needs boosting in order to move forward, book one of Kippure’s outdoor adventure events or arrange an informal occasion where you can work on building positivity amongst your staff. To find out more about our team-building activities, simply contact Kippure Estate today.


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