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Simple Ways for Leaders to Fix Low Employee Morale – Part 1

Create a Happy, Committed Workforce!

Low staff morale can have a crippling effect on your business. If morale is low, then employees could lose their zest for the role, dissatisfaction and alienation may become commonplace and levels of absenteeism may rise. The usual harmony of the workplace could potentially be shattered by conflict and hostility, with less productive collaboration and team spirit. If the issue isn’t addressed, the problem can develop, adversely affecting all aspects of the company.
Fortunately, there is a solution. In the short term, activities such as team-building, social gatherings and staff events […]

5 Signs of Low Employee Morale

Low staff morale can create significant problems for businesses.

Discontentment in the workplace can contribute to high levels of absence and lack of engagement, which inevitably result in decreased work output and poor performance. The consequences can be far-reaching, causing even the most loyal customers to look elsewhere and as a result, it’s important to know what signs to look out for. Some signs of low employee morale may be obvious, others might be less so. Here are a few key indicators to be aware of.
Higher Levels of Absence
A classic sign of […]

Solving the Pain of Leadership Challenges

What are some of the biggest problems managers and team builders face?

You may be a natural leader and have an excellent track record of building successful teams. But we don’t live in a utopian world, and even if you are the best facilitator, supervisor or manager, you’re still bound to run into problems from time to time.

What are some of the biggest problems that leaders in the workplace and other environments face? As a new or experienced leader, you can probably think of some that you’ve already encountered. Let’s look […]

5 Reasons Why Teams Don’t Work

Kippure Estate staff taking part in a team building event
(from left to right: Sinead, Clíona, Grainne)

Terms like “teamwork,” “teambuilding” and other related expressions are usually engrained in us from the time we are young. “Best team player” awards are given out in primary school and the importance of playing well with others is emphasized on the mini football field, on the playground or in the junior ballet studio. As adults, meetings round the physical or virtual boardroom table and corporate social events strive to create a team culture to boostmorale, and of course productivity, in […]

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