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When “Teambuilding” Does NOT Work

A study conducted by Vodafone UK and YouGov (that surveyed over 1,000 individuals in the workplace) revealed that 54% of respondents felt that engaging in additional teambuilding activities would not lead to successfully improving team dynamics around the workplace. “The survey carried out by Vodafone UK and YouGov suggests workers feel that some organised team-building activities can be a waste of time, and at worst, are toe-curlingly embarrassing,” reported The Telegraph on February 6, 2012.
A more recent publication (Team Building: Proven Strategies for Improving Team Performance by W. Gibb Dyer, Jr. et al.) explains why the […]

‘Back to Basics’ – Rediscovering the Benefits of Low Impact Teambuilding Activities

In today’s fast paced society, and with people seeking bigger thrills aided by the ever increasing progression of technology, it seems the classic, low impact teambuilding activities have been lost to more modern, adrenaline fuelled activities such as high ropes challenges, climbing, 4×4 driving or laser clay pigeon shooting.

At Kippure Estate, we appreciate the demand for high impact challenges, and satisfy the need for obtaining that ‘buzz’ through our extensive High & Low Ropes courses, Sky Trek/ Zip Line & Paintball, yet we still understand the importance of the traditional low impact teambuilding activities. Utilising our very popular […]

What we Learnt from Euro 2012: Teamwork Matters

Ireland Cricket Team
After Ireland’s disappointing exit from Euros, the infamous “Angela Merkel Thinks We’re At Work” flag has been sold off for just under €16,000 at an auction. Gerry Nolan and his friends (the flag’s creators) have generously donated the proceeds to children’s health charities. It raises a warm smile that something good has come out of the hat-trick of defeats our national team suffered in Poland and Ukraine. Gerry Nolan has the entire tournament booked off work, and like him, all Irish football fans are undoubtedly wishing that […]

What is Outdoor Experiential Learning?

Outdoor Learning at Kippure Estate

A traditional classroom scenario might stir images of a teacher or professor standing in front of a group of students, lecturing about a particular topic or demonstrating a procedure on the board. It is not until the students have the opportunity to put this theory into practice that they are able to more deeply understand or retain the newly acquired information.

Experiential learning takes on an even deeper form of education. Simply put, experiential learning is learning through doing or hands-on activities. According to UNESCO (in “Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable […]

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