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What is Outdoor Experiential Learning?

Outdoor Learning at Kippure Estate

A traditional classroom scenario might stir images of a teacher or professor standing in front of a group of students, lecturing about a particular topic or demonstrating a procedure on the board. It is not until the students have the opportunity to put this theory into practice that they are able to more deeply understand or retain the newly acquired information.

Experiential learning takes on an even deeper form of education. Simply put, experiential learning is learning through doing or hands-on activities. According to UNESCO (in “Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Team Building, All in One!

According to Chambers Ireland’s CSR Council, 76% of consumers would prefer to support a company that practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). So what does this buzz term mean anyway?

Corporate Social Responsibility is when companies voluntarily donate time or funds to benefit the community at large. They may choose to address social or environmental issues and to collaborate with customers, employees, community members and shareholders. Not only do recipients of CSR practices reap the awards – companies also see the advantages in the form of attracting more customers, improving their brand, inspiring employees and increasing profit.

As if […]

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