The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Kippure Estate near Dublin

The Final Countdown

This ultimate team building event is a chance for you and your workmates to experience situations never encountered before!

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Teams race against the clock to complete challenges of physique, wit and comedy. The most successful team will not necessarily be the fastest or strongest, but the one that collects the highest level of points while demonstrating outstanding team work. Teams rotate through a series of 7 to 8 challenges where the overall result will determine the starting polls for the finale event.

Examples of The Final Countdown team activities:

  • Archery: Bulls-eye style. Teams must answer a trivia question to achieve full points!
  • Mine Field: In front of you are 50 squares. There is only one route through. If you stand on a correct square you can try another, if you get it incorrect the next team member must have a go. The last square number is part of the code!
  • Maze Table: Teams must have 4 people blindfolded and they are the only ones who can touch the maze; the other team members must VERBALLY guide them to move the ball through the maze.

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