Mental Fitness Team Challenge

Mental Fitness Team Challenge

Improve your team’s mental capacity for better business

Would you like to boost productivity and bring your team closer together? Kippure Corporate’s mental fitness one day team challenge puts your staff through their mental paces to help them function at their very best.

Mental Fitness Challenge 1 day program can be customised to work in conjunction with your 3 main objectives!  

Working together with Sean M Kelly, a former memory champion and international corporate trainer, throughout the day your team will participate in a number of activities designed to teach them:

  • How to improve concentration
  • How to enhance creativity
  • How to develop a better memory
  • And much more!

Every course is different, since we tailor each of the challenges to meet your business’ unique needs. By the end of the day, all participants will have learned a range of practical techniques they can take back to the office for greater performance. Not only that, they’ll have become a more effective team through better communication and collaboration.

Sample timetable:

Welcome and Introduction

  • What does the day involve? What are the challenges?
  • Success Principles for the day
  • The Teams – get organised and focused

Some Mental Fitness Exercises and Guidelines

  • Memory Principles & Techniques
  • How to improve concentration?

Learn how to improve your Creativity

  • What is creativity?
  • Creativity Techniques

Outdoor Challenges/Tasks

  • Briefs & Timings
  • Let the Games begin!
  • Keeping Score
  • More classroom instruction
  • More challenges
  • Winning team selected (of course as above every team will have succeeded to some degree)
  • Debrief and close
  • Optional BBQ to celebrate!
  • Optional  Lunch  Menus

Contact us on now for details or to book.

Telephone: 01-458 2889
Email: Damian: 

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