Working with Your Facilitators


Our qualified and experienced team building instructors and outdoor leaders are not simply there to organise a fun activity, although fun is undoubtedly ensured.

In order to plant a sustainable seed for your team’s growth, Kippure Estate instructors work alongside training facilitators before and during the day of corporate activities to determine what you and your company hope to get out of the day.

They can work with your in-house department of facilitators that specialise in team building and management training or they can collaborate with an external management training company. We have built solid relationships with management training companies, but can also work with one that you are currently affiliated with.

Our goal is to organise a corporate event that fits the training needs of your company’s employees and that is compatible with your vision. Before the day of team exercises, facilitators can share with our trainers the current status of your workplace and determine a plan on how to reach goals in terms of building team bonds, enhancing communication, understanding and appreciating diversity, increasing morale, or whatever your specific objectives may be.

Interspersed throughout the training event, facilitators guide debriefing and brainstorming sessions directly related to the team building activities. A marvellous phenomenon often happens: workmates analyse their behaviour or discuss their reactions, which tends to solidify relationships between colleagues and encourages motivation. Training facilitators can also support participants as they express ideas that directly benefit your company.

  • The Kippure Estate team building exercises and games can serve as a guide to facilitators for developing a long-lasting route map of where and when to proceed next and what activities and exercises will be beneficial in the future.
  • We feel that close communication with your training staff or an affiliated company makes this possible.
  • At Kippure Estate, our wish is the long-lasting success of your company, complete with the building of a dynamic, happy and motivated workforce.
  • Our history of working with many training companies, including the Irish Management Institute (IMI), Leadership Journeys and Hoda, has allowed Kippure Estate to become experts at developing programmes to fit a client’s or company’s needs.

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