Trap Larry Treasure Hunt

Trap Larry Treasure Hunt

Kippure Estate near Dublin

Trap Larry Treasure Hunt

Oh that Larry the Gnome, he’s a tricky little devil! Don’t let his apparently serene, immobile appearance fool you. He has hidden a treasure chest in the most cryptic way and he now guards it at all costs.

Trap Larry Treasure Hunt

You and your teammates have up to one hour to decipher clues so you can find, trap and outsmart Larry and see what’s so special about the loot he protects. As if this weren’t enough, you have to arrive and catch this sly gnome before any other team!

For a thrilling team building experience, you and your fellow treasure hunters will navigate through Kippure Estate’s forests and meadows as you race against the clock and every other team. You will have to work together, relying on each other’s strengths and innovative wit, to solve a series of riddles and puzzles corresponding to landmarks around our 240 acre private estate. You and your workmates will also have to mutually decide on the best, most efficient route to take in order to ensure your victory!

If you succeed in trapping Larry the Gnome, he will have no choice but to reveal a final clue that leads to a five-digit master code allowing you to witness the bounty inside his beloved treasure chest.

But for every team participating in this themed, walking (often running) hunt, there is a prize – fun, a healthy dose of competition, excitement and most of all team bonding. You will come away from this experience seeing and knowing your colleagues or group members in an entirely different light!

As part of the Trap Larry Treasure Hunt, your group has the option of participating in some icebreaker activities, before the hunt commences, to begin building team atmosphere.

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