Simple Ways for Leaders to Fix Low Employee Morale – Part 2

Simple Ways for Leaders to Fix Low Employee Morale – Part 2

Discontentment amongst employees is bound to happen every so often in the workplace. However, if you start to notice that your office begins to feel as though it is lacking in drive or energy, and loses its vibrancy, then you might find that your company is suffering with low staff morale on a rather more serious level. Here are a few steps you can take to improve the mood of your staff. 

5) Make promises…  and keep them

Honesty is imperative in a relationship, and this is no less true in working relationships than it is for others. Making promises and then failing to deliver is a guaranteed way to create discord in the workplace. Honest, predictable and consistent leadership, with a firm focus on delivering on promises, ensures that you maintain a happy, open atmosphere amongst your staff.

Perhaps more significantly, a lack of directness and honesty from a leader is more likely to result in a lack of honesty from employees. This results in a communication break-down over time, resulting inevitably with staff dissatisfaction.

If your employees are reluctant to speak out, it could be an indication that they don’t feel comfortable being honest and open within the company. To improve morale, focus on providing an environment where your members of staff feel that they can raise concerns without being judged or punished for doing so.

6) Mix it up

Boredom is one of the most significant contributing factors to low morale. Stagnant routines can create an environment of dullness, resulting in loss of enthusiasm and disconnection from the job. Keep the workplace as varied, interesting and spontaneous as possible, to lift the mood of your staff and create renewed vigour for the task at hand.

There are many ways of bringing excitement to the office. A staff initiative, celebrating success, undertaking a team-building activity or outing, or just changing the routine can rekindle zest for the job.

7) Make improvements

Always keep in mind the physical environment in which your members of staff work. Are your rooms clean and safe? Are they energising? Is there enough fresh air? Do your employees have everything they need to work effectively? All these aspects are vitally important in creating an environment where your staff can be as productive and happy as possible.

If you’re unsure, ask your staff what they need. You might find yourself surprised by the answers!

8) Do something outside the working environment

Sometimes, a change of scenery can really reignite enthusiasm for the job. A team building day or excursion is an excellent way of adding spontaneity whilst providing the staff with focus and enjoyment.

When you book an event, think about those that encourage your staff to function as a team, to rely on one another and strive to complete a common goal.

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor team-building event, then Kippure Corporate has a number of options to bring unity to your workforce and improve staff morale. From Bush-tucker survival challenges to treasure hunts, they have a wide range of team building experiences, with a firm focus on providing fun, whilst developing communication and unity amongst your staff. To see the full range of team-building days available, just visit Kippure Corporate’s Website.


Summer Barbecues

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