Why investing in team building pays for itself – and then some

Why investing in team building pays for itself – and then some

Ten ways to get the most out of team building programmes for your staff

Be honest. When someone mentions team building, do you inwardly roll your eyes? Feel yourself filling with dread? Picture someone doing a Ricky Gervais impression of the worst boss ever?

If you think team building is a waste of time, you’re not doing it right. In fact, investing in team building is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. Done properly, team building increases engagement, creates a positive corporate culture and improves your bottom line. In addition, it develops trust, helps avoid conflict and increases positive communication and collaboration. All that and it’s fun too!

So how do you ensure everyone gets the most out of a team building event? We’ve put together our top tips so you can be sure that every team building event you host has maximum impact.

Know what you want to achieve BEFORE you start

When you organise a team building event, take a moment to consider your goal. It’s best to keep it simple and focus on one main purpose, whether that’s improving communication, boosting morale or simply rewarding your staff for all their hard work. Not only does goal setting help keep you on track when putting together your programme, it makes it easier to measure success and track progress afterwards.

Give yourself plenty of time

Good organisation is crucial to a successful event and you want to start planning far enough in advance that you can make sure every angle is covered. Give attendees lots of notice so they can clear their schedule in preparation and try to book the date during working hours so you’re not asking anyone to sacrifice their own time. If this isn’t possible, consider offering time off in lieu.

Leave the office behind

While it might be convenient to run a team building event in your business premises, the simple act of leaving the office can work wonders to inspire your team to consider problems from a different perspective. Travelling to a different venue, even if it’s close to the office, encourages staff to leave behind the worries of the daily grind and focus on the matter at hand. We can host events at Kippure Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland or we can travel to the venue of your choice to put on a corporate event and can advise you in finding the perfect location.

Don’t be afraid to let your hair down

Team building events that have the most impact are the ones that don’t seem like yet another day at the office. When you focus on shoving leadership lessons into everything or force people to remember that they’re meant to be learning something, it loses its effect. The best team building events are ones that are more about spending time together, building memories and working together to achieve a common goal. Team building will follow naturally and be more effective as a result. When people are happy, they’re more open to learning, so look for activities that out of the ordinary and encourage everyone to try something new.

Choose activities that support your purpose

Different activities provide plenty of opportunities for different people to play to their strengths. Remember when we told you to decide on your purpose before booking anything? This is where you need to keep your goals in mind when you decide on your timetable. While an activity might look like fun, if it doesn’t support your aims, leave it for the next time.

Maintain momentum

It’s easy to treat a team building event as a one-off, but it’s important to assess the impact of the day so you can improve future programmes. Ask participants what they got out of the day and encourage them to think about how they can transfer their new skills back to the workplace. Discuss what people liked and disliked and what they felt worked and what didn’t. Revisiting people’s experiences a few months down the line will help you track the long term impact of the event.

It’s not a luxury – it’s an essential

You can put on an effective team building event very cost effectively, but however big your budget, it’s important to remember that anything you spend on team building will pay for itself in more effective teams and improved future performance. What’s more, you’ll save on the cost of hiring new staff, since people generally choose to stay with a company when they feel appreciated.

If you’d like any help in putting together a team building event that really works, contact Kippure Corporate to discuss your needs.


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