Work Retention: The Top 3 Complaints from Employees

Work Retention: The Top 3 Complaints from Employees

It’s incredibly important to focus on retaining staff. Knowing the most common employee complaints can provide really invaluable insight for your business.

Employee retention is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Losing members of staff, particularly well-performing individuals, can leave your company vulnerable to instability, and departing staff can cause a ‘ripple effect’ among the rest of your employees, leaving others more likely to follow in their footsteps.

3 Employee Complaints and How to Deal With Them Effectively

There are a number of reasons why a member of staff may choose to hand in their notice. Here are a few of the most common complaints from employees, and some practical advice on how to tackle the issues successfully.

Lack of recognition. Employees who leave their company often cite that the reason for having done so was due to a feeling of being under-appreciated in their role, and of their achievements going unnoticed.

The solution is a simple one. Make sure that your staff know that you appreciate their hard work and effort. Set aside time to have regular work reviews with your team members, and if possible, reward their achievements. Even a quiet appreciative word in their ear will mean a lot to them, and can mean the difference between a happy member of staff and a discontented one.

Boredom in the role. Boredom is a major issue when it comes to successful employee retention, especially with high-achieving, highly intelligent members of staff, who are likely to be continually seeking out the next challenge.

Make sure that you communicate effectively with them, inviting them to take on extra roles of responsibility within the organisation, and remember that offering extra training is a great way of keeping them interested and inspired.

Exhausted and over-worked. If your member of staff feels constantly weary, stressed or pressurised in their role, it’s unlikely that they are going to be content within your company.

Recognise the warning signs, and again, make sure to talk directly to your employees; discussing work management and offering practical solutions to help them cope better in their role. If you feel that they’ve worked extremely hard, make sure to recognise this. Get them out of the office for an incentive event, and if it’s within your budget stay overnight, or even for the weekend, to give the occasion a sense of significance.

Staying in a hotel lends any work incentive event that vital sense of occasion, and at Kippure Estate, you and your staff can benefit from the invigorating mountain setting (we’re in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains), whilst enjoying a wide variety of exciting and entertaining outdoor activities, arranged by the experienced Kippure team.

Lead by Example for a Happy, Effective Workforce

Remember too that your employees look to you to set a good example. By maintaining a positive attitude and showing motivation and enthusiasm for your own role within the company, you’ll be actively demonstrating the ethos that you want to foster within your business.

Communication is always incredibly important too. Regular reviews with your staff, where they feel comfortable expressing their genuine opinions, is really helpful when it comes to staff retention.

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